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My Nutrition Philosophy.

I believe that nutrition is an ongoing process in which sustainability and consistency are the two utmost important factors. There are no quick fixes, no crash diets, no magic pills that will get you to your goals and allow you to maintain them. I believe in slow, sustainable changes that you can carry out daily over long periods of time-for life in fact! The more realistic and sustainable the changes are, the more successful you will be over the longterm.

I believe in teaching and educating you in making healthy nutritional changes and building lifelong habits along the way. Nutrition coaching is not just about what to do, it is about how to do it. When we are working together, I will not just be dictating what to do, but rather collaborating with you to determine what matters most, what you are capable of and willing to do, and teaching you why you are doing what you’re doing. I want to empower you to make informed nutrition decisions because you have learned about the changes you’ve made and the habits you’ve built.

Together we will navigate the challenges and barriers you may face and learn strategies to overcome these. Each individual is unique in their lifestyle, obstacles and goals. Working one-on-one allows us to consider each of the unique factors that make you who you are. We will create a plan that works specifically for you, your lifestyle and where you are right now.

Food is the fuel our body needs to move, breathe, function, run, jump, and ultimately stay alive. Fuelling your body with the best quality nutrients will help you perform, function and live better. Beyond being the source of energy needed to live and perform our best, food is also a story of people. It is powerful. It is social. It is family. It brings people together. It creates a sense of unity, familiarity and togetherness. You do not have to sacrifice the enjoyment of food and the story it tells, to achieve health and become a better version of yourself. I am here to show you how.

Finally, it is important to highlight that change takes time. Your success will be determined by the execution of small choices made consistently over an extended period of time. Be patient, trust the process, and continue making the best choices you can. The results will come over time. This is your life, and I am here to teach you and show you how to make lasting changes to your nutrition, reach your goals, and get you living your best life.  


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