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Frequently Asked Questions

who is nutrition coaching for?

Nutrition coaching is for anyone and everyone. Whether you are a busy mom of 4, an elite athlete, a retired individual looking to drop a few pounds, or anyone in between! If you have changes you are wanting to make and you are willing work towards them and understand that sustainable changes take time, nutrition coaching is for you.

I have never had a nutrition coach before. What should I expect?

Every person is at a different point in their journey when they begin with a nutrition coach. Some people have no experience with cooking their own meals, others may be avid “macro counters”. No matter where you are, we will begin with an intake form and initial meeting to learn about you, gather information we need and set some goals. From there we will make a plan that is appropriate for you and where you are at. For some, this may look like taking a trip to the grocery store to learn how to label read and shop for quality products. For others it may be prescribing macronutrient splits to follow. Perhaps it may begin with adding 2 servings of vegetables per day. Or it could include setting a goal of preparing 1 meal per day from scratch. Every person is different and each persons plan will reflect that. As your coach, my goal is to gradually help you learn healthy nutritional habits, learn how to best fuel your body for what you require, and change the things you have set out to change. We start simple and we start with tasks that you can confidently achieve. Over time, we build on this foundation and continue to progress towards your goals.

I have specific dietary restrictions. Can this be ACCOMMODATED?

We can accommodate a variety of nutritional or dietary restrictions or modifications including dairy free, gluten free, plant based, etc. This information is gathered during the intake process, both on the online intake form and then discussed in greater detail in our first meeting.

I’ve tried many diets beore and none of them have worked. And If they did work for a while, when I stopped I lost all progress. How is this different?

The problem with most “diets”, is that they stop working once you do. They may help you drop the 15 pounds you set out to lose, but as soon as you start going back to pervious habits and ways of eating, the pounds seem to come back on (sometimes a few extra!). Most “diets” lead to initial weight loss because they put you in a caloric deficit; that is you are consuming fewer calories than you are burning. However, the methods in which this deficit is achieved is often unsustainable, unrealistic and unhealthy. Not to mention, a lot of times diets are very restrictive and people feel heavily deprived. My philosophy and approach to nutrition is much different. (I encourage you to read my philosophy on nutrition, HERE). I do not believe in any particular diet. There are no magic pills or one perfect plan that will get you to your goals quickly. The best results come from consistency. What you choose to do day in and day out, over a long period of time is going to truly define you and establish your progress. It needs to be sustainable, so that you can continue for weeks, months and years to come. I will teach you and help you create sustainable nutritional habits and build tools that allow you both freedom and success in your journey to a better, healthier you.

What is the commitment?

AJ Nutrition coaching requires a minimum 3 month commitment. The best results take time.

What if I don’t live in winnipeg or i want to do remote coaching?

Remote coaching or online coaching is definitely available! Whether you live outside of Winnipeg, it is unrealistic to meet in person, or it simply suits your lifestyle better to be coached remotely, I can accommodate your needs. We will utilize video calls (i.e. skype, FaceTime), phone calls, emailing and text messaging for contact, as well as photos and spreadsheets for continued progress tracking.

What ages do you work with?

I work with ALL ages! Although your goals and motivation for wanting to change may differ, we accommodate for that in your personalized program. All ages and all experience levels are suitable for nutrition coaching.

if i am an athlete, can you help me CUSTOMIZE to my specific needs or goals?

Absolutely! As an athlete myself, I understand the specific needs and demands that being an athlete entails. You are putting in the work on the field/ice/pitch/court, and your nutrition should complement that. The nutritional demands of an athlete can be very specific and I can help you navigate that path. Nutrition can make all the difference in your training, recovery and performance.

Have another question that isn’t answered above? Send me an email! I’d be happy to answer it for you.